Who Are Aid For Chad?

We are a small group of women based in the market town of Oakham in Rutland, in the rural heart of England. Through local fundraising events we organise, we provide direct financial aid to extremely deprived areas in two developing countries, Chad and Peru. The funds that we raise are sent to Catholic Sisters living in nearby missions, who then manage the distribution of the money. Find out more here.


Chad picture
We send funds to Sisters in a Catholic mission near Benoy and M’beri, southern Chad. This was the first mission we supported when the charity began in 1984.


Peru pic
Since 1989 we have sent funds to the poor in Lima and San Juan del Oro, in the remote Andes province of Sandia.

How Can You Help?

Despite being a relatively small charity, we have only been able to continue through the generosity and support of our local community. As long as the poverty in Chad and Peru remains, we will be asking for your help. If you would like make a donation to our charity, please contact us here.