We are a small group of women based in the market town of Oakham in Rutland, in the rural heart of England. Through local fundraising events we organise, we provide direct financial aid to extremely deprived areas in two developing countries, Chad and Peru. The funds that we raise are sent to Catholic Sisters living in nearby missions, who then manage the distribution of the money.



We send funds to Sisters in a Catholic mission near Bénoye and M’beri, southern Chad. This was the first mission we supported when the charity began in 1985.


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Since 1989 we have sent funds to the poor in Lima and San Juan del Oro, in the remote Andes province of Sandia.

How Can You Help?

Despite being a relatively small charity, we have only been able to continue through the generosity and support from many sources. As long as the poverty in Chad and Peru remains, we will be asking for your help. If you would like make a donation to our charity, please contact us via thte form here or by emailing info@aidforchad.org.

A Brief History

Who We Are

This comparatively small charity was started back in 1985 to help and support a small Catholic bush mission in Bénoye, southern Chad. At the time, Chad received no aid from the outside world, despite Michael Burke’s coverage of the African famine. Our aim was to feed the hungry and care for the children, the elderly and those who were needy. Through the goodness of others this vital work has been carried on.

In 1989, our work spread to Peru, where the same order of Sisters had two missions: one in the shantytowns of Lima, and another in San Juan del Oro, a village in the Andes. Sadly, after a number of years the nuns at the mission in San Juan del Oro were obliged to leave the mission and it, therefore, had to close. As in southern Chad, our aim has been to support the hungry and the most needy in the missions we serve.

In 1998, we were asked to extend our help to some of the women living in the ‘haciendas’ – the poverty-stricken slums in Lima, which are the poorest parts of the shantytowns. We agreed to try and duly received some of their beautiful handicrafts to sell in order to feed their families.

We organise local fundraising events such as music/quiz nights, cakes sales and Peruvian handicrafts sales. The funds we raise are not spent on advertising, promotion or salaries – they go directly to missionary Sisters (some of whom are personally known to us) in each of the locations, who then distribute the funds to those in need.

Please do get in touch if you would like to help, or email us on info@aidforchad.org.

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